About the Group

Our Group Vision

“To be a world class organisation nurturing and encouraging the talents of our people who enable us to grow a thriving business committed to building a modern and transparent Myanmar.”

The KT Group is a private, family owned and operated diversified business enterprise which was established in the 1950’s. We have grown into a modern Myanmar company that embraces the opportunities for growth but also remembers our deep history and holds respect for the country and her people.

The founding family members of the KT Group were the Kyaw Thaung family from Thekathaung, a town located on Ngapudaw Island deep in the Delta area of Myanmar. From humble origins, U Kyaw Thaung traveled to the capital, Yangon and began trading within the region. This prosperous enterprise based in Yangon was grown and began trading rice and pulses to neighbouring countries and securing regional supply contracts. The business then expanded over the years and the company was awarded a Pioneer Status in Singapore in the early 90’s.

GroupPhotoIn 2007, the business was expanded further and established branches in Bangalore, India and Kunming, China to attract foreign investment into the country. Projects included the provision of the cable needed for internet services, real estate development, am rice mill and other interesting and diversified projects. As the company grew, the portfolio of interests began to build momentum in the areas of energy, real estate, trading and investments along with the established traditional roots in the agricultural sector. These have become our core business units of strategic focus, as we continue to build a strong yet diversified group of companies.

We have a rich Myanmar heritage and value our communities and people. Our foundation, KT Care was established in 2008 to provide emergency response care to the Delta after the devastation caused by Cyclone Nargis. We then continued to support the economic development of the Delta region through capacity building, micro-finance initiatives, and improving the socio-economic status of vulnerable people by empowering and educating communities and providing on-the-ground support. Read more about our work at www.ktcare.net.

In 2013 we were the first every Myanmar Member to be awarded the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies membership (under Capital 8) http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_GGC_Members_2013.pdf .
For more information about Global Growth Companies and the WEF, visit this link: