KT Group is a diverse, family-owned group of companies, originally established by U Kyaw Thaung in 1954.

U Kyaw Thaung came from the small village of Thekathaung in the Ayeyarwady Delta region of Myanmar. This region is known as the “Granary of Burma” as most of the country’s rice is produced in this region and during the 1950s Myanmar was the number one exporter of rice globally.

Following the separation from British India, U Kyaw Thaung began his working life in the commercial capital, Rangoon in 1938. He worked in various trades and gained experience and acumen that allowed him to identify opportunities in the agriculture and trading sectors, sowing the seeds of what would later become one of the largest rice trading firms in the country.

Economically it was a time of reform for Myanmar, with a lot of excitement surrounding the opportunities a post colonial era would bring to the country and its people; U Kyaw Thaung used this time to emerge as one of the leading industrial entrepreneurs in the country.

In the early 1990s, under the leadership of his eldest son U Moe Kyaw Thaung, the Group became the first Myanmar company to be awarded ‘Pioneer Status Enterprise’ in Singapore .

To keep pace with Myanmar’s fast-developing economy, the Group has been shifting its focus on trading since the dawn of this new millennium to include holdings in real estate, energy, port and logistics, investments, and agriculture, creating a strong and diversified business portfolio . Continuing the family legacy, KT Group is now led by U Kyaw Thaung’s grandson, U Jonathan Myo Kyaw Thaung.

In 2013, KT Group was Myanmar’s first business to be awarded membership to the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies, recognizing the Group’s potential to be a leader not only in Myanmar, but in the global economy.

Established in 1954, KT Group has transformed
into a large diversified player