Building for the future

At KT Group we are committed to the long term sustainable development of
Myanmar and her people. In order to support this growth, we continuously reflect on our Group ethos of progressiveness and commitment.

The wellbeing and opportunities our people have are fundamental to the prosperity of our country; therefore with each decision we make, we first evaluate the impact it will have on our people. Operating an organization which is honest, fair and safe is central to our code of ethics.

Innovation is fundamental to our strategy, as we firmly believe that the key to building for the future and creating solutions, is to leverage technology with the capacity to scale.

When we think of our success, it is not solely measured by our results, but more so by our capacity to develop our staff and capabilities; Therefore clearly communicating our values, vision and mission are fundamental in aligning our various businesses.

We are conscious of the importance in our trials and tribulations, for they help build a resilience which is crucial for longevity. In order to navigate the difficult times we look to our value system to help us make the right decisions.

Ultimately, our values are crucial in how we conduct ourselves, they are the guiding beacons by which we are all held accountable.

We truly believe that they will be the reason for our legacy of continuity and success,for generations to come.


Laying the foundation for the future of Myanmar and its people


To be central to Myanmar’s sustainable development for many generations to come.

Our Values