How we work

We have a strong value based working culture that is fundamental to the success and growth of each individual. We work as a family and encourage each other to achieve their full potential. The values of our Company determine our behavior and we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of the business and its processes.

KT Group Career Opportunities

KT Group looks forward to welcoming you to a dynamic work environment that will encourage you to grow and thrive in your new career. Working as part of our team sets you on a path towards realizing your professional goals and fulfilling your potential.

We offer incentive packages that include ongoing learning and development. We conduct both internal and external training and will encourage and nurture both your professional and personal growth. We firmly believe that our employees drive the success of the company and we aim to provide them with innovative resources and tools that enable them to achieve this within a challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding environment.



KT Group is always looking for innovative and talented minds.  If you are evaluating your potential career path and want some practical experience, we are here to mentor you and provide some insight into the Myanmar business world.  We invite interest from both local and international applicants and so if you are committed and passionate about the opportunity to intern with KT Group in Myanmar, please contact us at and tell us why.