At the heart of our culture is a team focus and we take the time to ensure that people are the right fit for our success. We believe that diversity and creativity are key to providing innovative solutions to the challenges we face in building the modern Myanmar.

U Jonathan Kyaw Thaung

is the Group CEO of KT Group and has nearly 20 years of experience in Myanmar. He was educated at Millfield School in Somerset, England and continued his higher education at Babson College, Boston, MA where he studied Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. 

As Group CEO, Jonathan represents KT Group at the World Economic Forum and is also the Founder and Chairman of the KT Care Foundation. As part of Jonathan’s commitment to his country, he is a member of SMU International Advisory Council for Myanmar and is often a speaker at various forums highlighting the opportunities to support growth in Myanmar.

Message from Group CEO

Welcome to KT Group!

As a 60-year-old family business, we have witnessed the evolution of our country’s political, economic and social environment. With each change we have adapted our strategy in order to have a direct impact on the economic growth of our country, with innovation and perseverance being key.

Our grandfather, U Kyaw Thaung set the precedent in the early 50s when he became a pioneer in the Jute industry; he planted the seeds and became a leading rice exporter.

Despite the changes that each transformation has brought, our core focus has remained the same and that is to engage and empower our communities.

As a Group, our vision is to build an infrastructure which will create a healthier, more skillful and thriving society.
I believe the key to helping people, after ensuring that their basic needs are secure, is to provide them with skills and then opportunity.

In order to do this, I am proud to say that we have expanded our interests beyond the agriculture and trading sector, and now are involved in real estate, energy , pharmaceuticals, aviation and container terminals and distribution. All key sectors to the growth and prosperity of our country and her people.

A strong education system is the foundation of sustainable development. At KT Group and through our foundation KT Care, we engage in scholarship programs and create strong training and development programs to ensure that our communities have the opportunity to strengthen, to compete and to grow.

As a young boy my parents would always say to me,
“Son whatever you do in life, please make sure that it always helps other people to rise.” , it is one lesson that ultimately guides every decision we at KT Group make.

Although we know that there will be challenges along the way, I am surrounded by a team with integrity, intelligence and a will to work hard; and for these reasons, I am both honored and proud to lead this Group into being part of a strong and prosperous Myanmar.

Thank you.